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London After Midnight Online Community

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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 4/24/14 *** Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (republican) has enacted a measure that allows for a massive expansion of guns in public spaces. Under the new law, legal owners will have an easier time bringing guns into bars, churches, government buildings and schools *** Federal regulators are unveiling new rules today that would effectively abandon net neutrality, the concept of a free and open Internet. The Federal Communications Commission will let Internet providers charge media companies extra fees to receive preferential treatment, such as faster speeds for their products and content. Under previous regulations struck down earlier this year, providers were forced to provide all content at equal speeds. In a statement, the media reform group Free Press denounced the FCC's decision, saying: "Giving the green light to pay-for-priority schemes will be a disaster for startups, nonprofits and everyday Internet users who cannot afford these unnecessary tolls. These users will all be pushed onto the Internet dirt road, while deep pocketed Internet companies enjoy the benefits of the newly created fast lanes." The new rules will likely face a court challenge *** More tomorrow

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