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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 6/28/16 *** A new report has found a surge in the use of dark money donations at the state and local levels. The Brennan Center finds secret spending at the local level increased in recent years, in part because of so-called gray money from organizations funneling money through other groups in order to conceal where it's coming from. Examples of local spending on races include "Mining companies secretly targeting a legislator who opposed permits. Food companies battling a ballot measure to add labeling requirements. Payday lenders supporting an attorney general who promised to shield them from regulation." Because of the lower cost of state and local elections, such donations can have an even bigger impact *** In the most significant victory for abortion rights in a generation, the Supreme Court has struck down provisions of a sweeping anti-choice law in Texas *** In another case Monday, the Supreme Court ruled against two men who argued they should be able to buy or own guns even though they had been convicted of domestic violence. Attorneys for the men argued they should be exempt from a federal ban because their acts of violence were committed "recklessly," not "intentionally." But the Supreme Court ruled six to two that even "reckless" domestic abuse counts *** The Supreme Court also threw out the corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, in a case that could make it harder to prosecute public officials for corruption. McDonnell and his wife were accused of accepting more than $175,000 in loans, vacations and luxury products in exchange for providing favors to Jonnie Williams, a businessman seeking to promote his diet supplement business. But in a ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court narrowed the definition of what constitutes corruption *** More tomorrow


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