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London After Midnight Online Community

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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 4/17/14 *** General Motors is asking a court to shield it from legal liability for defective ignition switches linked to at least 13 and possibly hundreds of deaths. General Motors knew of the defect for over a decade but only issued a recall earlier this year *** Russia and Ukraine are slated to hold their first direct talks today amidst rising unrest *** Al-Qaeda in Yemen has released a new video threatening attacks on the United States *** A federal judge has overturned North Dakota's anti-abortion law, the harshest in the country. The measure banned abortion once a fetal or embryonic heartbeat can be detected, which happens at about six weeks of pregnancy when many women do not know they are pregnant. It was slated to take effect in August. In his decision, District Court Judge Daniel Hovland said the law is "invalid and unconstitutional" *** Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched a new gun control group aimed at taking on the National Rifle Association. Bloomberg has committed $50 million to funding Everytown for Gun Safety, a grassroots group of voters against gun violence *** More tomorrow


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