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London After Midnight Online Community

Welcome to the London After Midnight Community! Click here to join! It's free! If you have questions or problems registering just send an email to info (at) londonaftermidnight (dot) com

TODAY'S HEADLINES, 9/30/14 *** FEELING FASCIST?: The U.S. Supreme Court has delayed early voting in Ohio hours before it was due to begin today ahead of the November elections. The decision places a stay on lower-court rulings which had blocked state attempts to cut early voting from 35 to 28 days. The American Civil Liberties Union, which has challenged Ohio's bid to restrict voting, said that in the 2012 election, more than 157,000 Ohioans voted on days that have now been cut, a disproportionate percentage of them low-income and African-American *** Hong Kong is facing its largest political unrest in decades as pro-democracy protesters have refused to leave the streets. Tens of thousands of people have defied a police crackdown to demand greater political freedom. The protests began last week over China's recent rejection of free elections for Hong Kong *** Violence is continuing in eastern Ukraine despite a ceasefire between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian troops *** A new report finds more than 3,000 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this year, more than twice the previous high from 2011. Globally more than 4,000 migrants have died this year trying to reach wealthier or safer countries, including more than 200 on the Mexican border *** More tomorrow


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