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London After Midnight Online Community

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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 5/23/16 *** BOMBS R US: Prior to the war in Afghanistan, the Vietnam War was the longest war in U.S. history. As part of his visit to Vietnam, Obama announced the end of one of the last vestiges of the Vietnam War: a decades-old ban on the sale of lethal military equipment to Vietnam *** Tensions continue between Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the party establishment. Sanders has announced his support for Tim Canova, who is challenging the Florida congressional seat of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, Sanders also criticized the superdelegate system that he said "anointed" Hillary Clinton as the nominee *** BBC News reports Green Party-backed candidate Alexander Van der Bellen has won the election, defeating the far-right candidate, Norbert Hofer *** The World Meteorological Organization has called for all states to ratify and implement the Paris climate accords as high temperatures continue to smash global records. Spokesperson Clare Nullis said urgent action is needed after April broke yet another record *** Last Thursday marked India's hottest day ever, as temperatures soared to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile in Bangladesh, a cyclone has slammed coastal areas, forcing half a million people to flee and killing at least 24. Scientists have warned such storms may be amplified by climate change *** More tomorrow


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