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London After Midnight Online Community

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WEEKEND HEADLINES, 10/18 & 10/19/14 *** New figures show claims for unemployment benefits have dropped to 264,000, a 14-year low. The official unemployment rate is at 5.9 percent *** In Israel and the Occupied Territories, Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian boy in the village of Beit Liqya. The victim, 13-year-old Bahaa Badr, was reportedly shot after a group of youths threw stones at Israeli forces who had entered near the Israeli separation wall that carves up the occupied West Bank. Israel says it responded with live fire against a "illegal riot." According to Defense for Children International, Israeli troops and settlers have shot dead at least 10 children in the West Bank this year. That is on top of the more than 500 children killed in Israel's assault on Gaza over the summer *** More later...


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