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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 10/21/14 *** This year is poised to become the hottest year ever recorded. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2014 is on pace to either tie or surpass the current global record *** Cuba is sending 91 additional medical staff to West Africa to help combat a record outbreak of Ebola. The teams of doctors and nurses are departing today for Liberia and Guinea. Cuba has already dispatched 165 health workers to Sierra Leone. That brings the country's total contribution in the three hardest-hit countries to 256 people, more than a third of all foreign medical staff there *** The World Trade Organization has ruled against the United States in a multinational dispute over the labeling of meat. The United States requires the disclosure of a meat product's country of origin. But Mexico and Canada have argued the rules harm their livestock exports. On Monday, the WTO found the latest U.S. requirements violate trade rules. U.S. consumer groups, including Food and Water Watch, have urged the Obama administration to appeal the WTO's ruling, saying "The WTO's continued assault against commonsense food labels is just another example of how corporate-controlled trade policy undermines the basic protections that U.S. consumers deserve." *** More tomorrow

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