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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 1/24/17 *** White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested on Monday that the Trump administration would move quickly to push through the contested $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline *** On Monday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 11-10 to approve longtime ExxonMobil CEO and Climate Change denier Rex Tillerson for secretary of state *** Trump withdrew the United States from the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, known as the TPP, on Monday. It was also opposed by Bernie Sanders and, eventually, Hillary Clinton. The TPP faced years of global public resistance by those who say free trade deals benefit corporations at the expense of health and environmental regulations *** Trump also reinstated the controversial "global gag rule," a Reagan-era policy that bans U.S. funding for any international healthcare organizations that perform abortions, advocate for the legalization of abortion or even provide information about abortions. Trump signed the global gag rule only two days after millions of people poured into the streets of Washington, D.C., and cities around the world for the historic Women's March on Washington *** Trump had his first meeting with congressional lawmakers Monday, during which he again lied about the 2016 election results. He falsely claimed that he lost the popular vote because 3 to 5 million unauthorized immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton. Experts say there's no evidence of voter fraud during the 2016 election *** More tomorrow


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