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London After Midnight Online Community

Welcome to the London After Midnight Community! Click here to join! It's free! If you have questions or problems registering just send an email to info (at) londonaftermidnight (dot) com

TODAY'S HEADLINES, 3/30/15 *** New figures show Israel killed more Palestinians last year than in any other since occupying the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The United Nations says Israel was responsible for more than 2,300 Palestinian deaths and 17,000 injuries in 2014. The bulk of the casualties came from Israel's 50-day assault on the Gaza Strip, which killed at least 551 children. According to Defense for Children International-Palestine, Israeli forces have shot at least 30 children in the West Bank and East Jerusalem during protests in the first three months of this year *** Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is facing protests over a new measure that could sanction anti-LGBT discrimination. The so-called religious freedom law prevents state and local governments from imposing a "substantial burden" on those following their religious beliefs. That could allow businesses to refuse services to LGBT customers. On Saturday, thousands of people marched in Indianapolis calling for Pence's resignation. Critics have called for a boycott, and some, including former NBA star Charles Berkeley, are calling for the upcoming Final Four college basketball championship, to be moved out of state. Speaking to ABC News, Pence refused to answer whether it will be illegal to discriminate against LGBT people *** Talks over a nuclear deal with Iran are in their final stages before Tuesday's self-imposed deadline. Progress has been reported on several issues *** More tomorrow

PICTURES! From last night and WGT in Germany....

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