If you're going to post photos here, it's best not to hotlink (basically, that's linking to any photo you find online that you have not uploaded to a reliable image server like your Yuku profile image folders or Imgur). In many cases websites don't allow you to link to their images. So while you may see the image in your browser (because it's in your browser's cache) we cannot see it. Also images may be deleted by whatever site they were uploaded to, leaving your post looking rather naked with no pictures, and making it look like a ghost town around here with a lot of broken image links.

So, what to do? It's easy, set up a free Imgur account or upload images to your Yuku profile itself.

To upload images to your Yuku profile just click the link IMAGES at the top of your screen- or PHOTOS at the top of your profile. Then create a folder, and upload any images you want. You can then easily add an image to your post by clicking the little Mountain landscape button (circled in green below) in your posting window. Your Yuku image folders will pop up and you click on whatever folder you want and scroll to the desired image.


Imgur operates the same way- You can upload any image you find online to your Imgur account and then copy the URL of the image and paste it here (you click the "Add from URL" image circled in red below). That way you assure you image links will never be broken, since the images are uploaded to your own account.


To resize your image see the below instructions:

Once you place your image in your post it may be too big. You can resize it easily.

Before we start: make sure you're using the correct codes to post images. Click your Account link in the upper left corner of this page, then click Forum. Under the section "Editor Type" make sure the button "wysiwyg" is selected. Click the Save button.

Post your image.


Click on your image:


A line appears around the image and little "boxes" appear at the corners. These boxes are handles to drag your image to the desired size.


Drag your image to the desired size. It's best to keep your images under 700px wide.


For more on this, see see the Help Section "Where to Upload Your Images" thread.

Feel free to ask questions if you need help.


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