Here are some basic rules for conduct in the LAM Community forums :

1. Forum Rules :
This is an online community for fans, friends and supporters of the music project London After Midnight. The different forums within the LAM Community are fairly self explanatory. There are no boundaries to what you can discuss, except when it comes to forum disruption, racist and homophobic rhetoric, lying or starting trouble, or threatening other Community members. The German, Russian, French, and Spanish language forums are for those languages obviously, but anyone should feel free to post there as many people on the LAM Community are bilingual.

2. Polls, New Topics and Content :
Anyone can create a poll or start a new topic. So feel free to just jump in and say hello, even if you don't have anything else to say. That way we know you're out there! You can post images and videos within your posts. Try and keep these images on the fast loading side and small in size as to fit nicely in the posting window. The Korova (Soy)Milk Bar forum is specifically about London After Midnight. The General non LAM Discussion forum is for most other content. The other forums are self explanatory. If you want to make some tests posts or ask technical questions, please do so in the Getting Started - Help & Tests forum.

3. Contests :
There are occasionally contests which only Community members can participate in. In order to win, you must be a Community member, so join now.

4. Forum Disruption :
No threats, insults, lies, hate speech or
racial epithets will be tolerated. If you are posting material solely to cause disruption or spread negativity, you will be banned from this Community. Debate and differing opinion are welcome, but purposeful negativity and trolling for attention will not be tolerated.

5. Flame Wars :
Disagreements are inevitable, but you should conduct yourself with civility. If you have a personal problem with another Community member its advised that you take it to email.

6. Images :
If you want to upload images to your profile or posts, please read this thread (
can also use to store your images.). To change your avatar image please read this thread.

7. Flooding and SPAM :
- Do not flood the forum with tons of posts.
- SPAM is not allowed. SPAM and links for other message boards
, SPAM for bands, SPAM for products and services, etc, are not allowed and will be deleted.

8. To get help with customizing your Yuku profile or using the LAM Community in general feel free to ask here, or you can ask on the official Yuku Support boards.

Screen names
- Impersonation is not allowed. You cannot mimic another member's screen name or another person's real-life name.
- Multiple screen names are not looked on too favorably. If you are a newbie and join with multiple screen names it is unlikely your other names will be accepted.
- If you're a user who has caused problems here in the past and have been banned and then try to rejoin with a new screen name, you will be banned again. Trying to fool the moderator by pretending to be someone else doesn't illustrate that you've developed a sense of honesty or responsibility.

Just click the image in the upper left corner of your screen that says "Join Now" or click the link that says "New Topic" in any forum.
When you join the LAM Community, you must also send an email to [email protected] with your screen name in the subject or you won't be accepted. If you already have a Yuku account, just apply for membership and send us an email with your screen name in the subject.

If you want info on London After Midnight go to the official website at:

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