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Welcome to the London After Midnight Community! Click here to join! It's free! If you have questions or problems registering just send an email to info (at) londonaftermidnight (dot) com

TODAY'S HEADLINES, 8/22/14 *** Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has ordered the National Guard to leave Ferguson, as peaceful protests continue over the police killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. Brown's funeral is scheduled for Monday and is expected to draw a huge crowd. On Thursday, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was threatened with arrest as she sought to deliver a 70,000-signature petition to prosecutor Bob McCulloch calling for him to be replaced by a special prosecutor in the case. McCulloch has extensive family ties to law enforcement *** In Los Angeles, residents have mobilized around the case of Omar Abrego, who witnesses say was beaten by police for 10 minutes before he died, as well as the case of Ezell Ford, whose family says he was unarmed and lying on the ground when he was shot dead by police. Residents marched in Los Angeles Thursday as part of a National Day of Rage against police brutality and in solidarity with Ferguson *** In Ohio, one of two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a young black man inside a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek is back on the job. When the officers confronted John Crawford, he was reportedly holding a BB gun which was for sale at the store. The mother of Crawford's two infant children told the local paper she was on the phone with Crawford and heard him say, "It's not real," before police opened fire. A special grand jury will convene in the case next month *** More tomorrow

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