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TODAY'S HEADLINES, 3/31/15 *** In the Mexican state of Baja California, farmworkers who pick fruit and vegetables for consumers in the United States are continuing a historic, two-week strike. The farmworkers, who may earn in a day about what low-wage U.S. workers earn in an hour, have reportedly rejected the offer of a 15-percent raise. They are demanding a higher raise, benefits, and an end to harassment and other abuses *** Connecticut has become the first state to officially boycott Indiana over a new republican sponsored "religious freedom" law that could allow discrimination by letting businesses refuse service to LGBT people. Washington State, San Francisco and Seattle have also imposed bans on state or city-funded travel to Indiana. Nine chief executive officers, including the heads of Angie's List and Eli Lilly, wrote letters asking Indiana state officials to "take immediate action" to ensure the act will not sanction or encourage discrimination. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the world's most profitable company, slammed Indiana's law and others like it, likening it to the Jim Crow laws of the American South *** The Germanwings co-pilot who crashed a plane in the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board, reportedly received treatment for "suicidal tendencies." A German prosecutor said Andreas Lubitz was in treatment for the problems “over a long period” before he received his pilot's license *** More tomorrow

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